Boardriders Bonanza

Local Team Event - Stuart Beach

You get to make your own BOARD RIDERS TEAM
pick 4 friends and you’re ready!!!

Winning team received 1 room (2 beds), 3 nights and restaurant discount at Rincon Surf Resort Hotel, Puerto Rico. @ Casa Verde

We will run 3-6 teams per heat and 50% (or top 2) move to the next round and repeat the same for semi finals and again for the Final. Your team may surf 3 times in 1 day!!

We will select heat draws at PRE-PARTY AT OHANA SURF SHOP SEPTEMBER 29. Free Dinner for the community!!

Become a member. $65 for membership and receive a hat and shirt.   $140 for a Family of 5
Rincon Surf Resort
Ohana Surf Shop

Become a Member

Our mission is to share the joy of surfing with our local communities by providing scholarship funds, lessons, caring for the ocean through beach cleanups, teaching ocean safety, hosting & participating in statewide competitions, and hosting member get-togethers and video nights.

Whether you’re a pro, beginner, or you’re looking to hang with like-minded members of the surf community, we would welcome the opportunity to meet you!

Boardriders Bonanza 2023
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