2024 The Longboard Battle X Sunburn & Blue Wave Surf Apparel

by | May 18, 2024 | Events, Longboard Battle

The 1st annual TEAM Longboard Battle of the Treasure Coast was A FAMILY REUNION. Our local legends showed up from Ft pierce Surf & Skate Shop put together by Jeff Hawkins. Jon Halress, the team Double Whammy, needed a small score with 3 minutes left, dropped a simple 2.0 doubled to 4.0 taking our Brando’s Surf School at the Buzzer and advancing to Semifinals!

We asked all surfers a few questions and here is what Lou Maresca (Previous TREASURE COAST ESA Director) had to say on the day.

Lou Maresca

What team are you on? Fort Pierce Surf and Skate

How old are you? 72 3/4

Where part of Florida are you from? Vero

What is your local surf spot? Surf up and down the Florida coast

What is your dream local surf spot? My dream spot is Laniakea

Favorite surf spot? Laniakea

Local surf shop? Fort Pierce Surf and Skate

SCHOOL OR JOB? Surfing Instructor

What board are you currently riding? 9’0” The Log

Favorite board you have ridden? Too many to name one

Sponsors? Lol

Who is your dream sponsor? Quick

Who do you look up to? Favorite surfer? The stars in the sky…….Buttons

Where do you see yourself in 6 years? Still alive

Your best contest result? 2005 Costa Rica Circuito Nacional de Surf Masters Shortboard Champion

Do you want to be a pro surfer? Or are you a pro surfer? Pro instructor

Any other sports you do? Fishing

Some of your Hobbies? Camping and Fishing….Surfing mostly


Team Alpha of Blue Wave Surf Apparel

Team Alpha of Blue Wave Surf Apparel dropped the Events Highest Combo in the 1st Heat. Victor Nunez, Trey Wical, Kaylin Weinrich and Gavin Idone. 34.47 – Won by 17.77

      • Trey Wical – 4.93
      • Kaylin Weinrich – 5.20
      • Victor Nunez – 6.00
      • Gavin Idone – 9.17 x 2 = 18.34

One of this year’s favorites to win was team Alpha and they did not disappoint. In the Finals, Surfer 1 Trey Wical, was called for an interference but in Gavin Idone fashion he dropped a 8.20 Doubled into a 16.40 to win the event by 0.91 with less than 5 minutes left and only 1 surfer from SFL. Boardriders left in a combo situation and no Double Whammy left, Team Alpha came for the Treasure Chest and accomplished their goal!!

Team Kulcha Shok & South Florida Board Riders

Team Kulcha Shok & South Florida Board Riders had THE BEST SURFERS BY FAR!! They were putting on a show all day and we want to congratulate LANCE-O AND BOTH HIS TEAM FOR MAKING THE FINALS!!
KULCHA SHOK – Justin Baker, Zoe Larson, Mia Larson, Saxon Wilson
SFL Boardriders Club – Billy “THE GOAT” Marshall, Roland Williams, Ronald Reyes, Lance-O

It is not just a Local Surf Contest, It is a community gathering, family reunion, giant fundraiser, lifelong memories, and more. It is simply OHANA. Partnering with the community. Helping facilitate like minded groups and people with the same purpose and mission in life. 


Ari Beltrame dropped the highest score for her team in the semi’s but just not enough as Ritto Surfboards and Nate Gallager had some excellent surfing from their team and took out Team Ohana by less than 1 point and Team Ft. Pierce by less than 2 points to make the final. They had an entire family cheering their way to the finals.

Team MVP –

Alpha – Gavin Idone – Prize from Ft. Pierce Surf and Skate was a FUNSHAPE surfboard.

Kulcha Shok – Zoe Larson – Prize from Solbello Fast & Easy – No messy sandbag filling, hole digging, or tedious pole assembly required. Solbello takes a single person to set up in as little as 30 seconds!

Ritto Surfboards – Arielle Bagby – Subsafe Gear

SFL. Boardriders – Billy “THE GOAT” MARSHALL – Subsafe Gear



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